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The journey of our YDEK cards has been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. Let's take a closer look at this incredible story:


It all began at the Cardistry Experience 2022, where we introduced our ambitious project. With an original design crafted by Nick, we embarked on a mission to create our very own deck of cards. In a significant milestone, a Community Video featuring our deck was showcased at Cardistry Con 2022 as part of the "Cardistry Fest" competition.


Our next step was equally challenging and rewarding. We set out to collect the necessary funds through Kickstarter, and this experience proved to be invaluable. Collaborating with talented cardists who supported us in promoting the project was a highlight. Despite our best efforts, the Kickstarter campaign fell short, reaching only 52% of its goal. It was a moment of disappointment, but it didn't deter our determination. We believed that someday, we could make it a reality.


In a surprising turn of events, for the Cardistry Experience 2023, we joined forces with the esteemed Hanson Chien, who agreed to print our deck, allowing us to unveil it at the event. We kept this exciting development a secret, even from our closest friends, until the event itself. The grand reveal featured a special introduction video titled "1>2" by Mattis, generating immense excitement among attendees. We take immense pride in the fact that we made this dream come true.


But the story doesn't end there. Hanson Chien also generously provided Cardistry Con 2023 with 288 YDEK decks, ensuring that every attendee received one in their goodie bag. It warms our hearts to see this deck spreading across the globe.


Most importantly, we love seeing you embrace the YDEK in your cardistry endeavors. Please don't hesitate to tag us in your Instagram posts when you use them. We'd be delighted to reshare your creativity and enthusiasm with our community.


Purchase your very own YDEK deck here, and become a part of this incredible journey today!


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