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"Seek Discomfort"

The idea seems straight forward enough: If you leave your comfort zone, something unusual, something unexpected, something out of the ordinary is pretty much bound to happen. If you leave your comfort zone, that's where adventure lies.

Nowadays, we have many public figures and influencers pushing that trend exactly, by uploading videos surrounding spontaneous adventures with strangers propelled by the idea of doing something uncomfortable. The entire experience is recorded, digested, edited up and then spoon-fed in the form of an enjoyable five- to seven-minute video to the viewers.

And that might be where the problem arises for so many people. The belief that it stops with what is shown.

What I think is that these regular guys who preach "Seek Discomfort" really are believing what they say. But more so than the discomfort, they are more accurately in pursuit of the romantic adventurism they associate with it. For them, "discomfort" should feel more like taking daddys gassed-up car for a night-drive to the beach. Discomfort means to have a stranger come up to you and pay for a day-trip of skydiving. It means buying a plane ticket, getting an Airbnb and going to nice-but-not-too-nice restaurants in Rome or Nice.

It evidently doesn't mean to be cold, alone and hungry, huddling in some southern-european forest hut during a lighting storm. It obviously doesn't mean to go to sleep cold on the forest floor and wake up hot and sweaty just a couple of hours later, and it certainly doesn't mean to do that exactly for months on end, day in and day out.

But THAT is where adventure lies, where story and experience awaits. It's the type of discomfort that is actually uncomfortable, although not the sort that makes for the best #seekdiscomfort Instagram-Stories. It is cold and lonely and all of the above. But it's at the same time more romantic than any date you've ever been on, I can promise you that.

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